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gWorld Social 

UX & UI 

Global Work & Travel

I designed the complete UX & UI for gWorld Social, a social platform developed by Global Work & Travel to connect like-minded travellers. The project involved implementing various features such as an interactive map, personal and group timelines, messaging and chat systems, and a parental tracking timeline. The scope of the project was substantial and required a high level of complexity to execute successfully.


The interactive map, the core of gWorld Social, was carefully researched and designed to enhance the social experience for travellers, allowing them to share their journey and connect with fellow travellers in the area. Alongside the chat system, these are key parts of the gWorld social experience.

As with all complex user experience designs, a clearly defined user journey map is always beneficial when translating design to development.


Along with the map and  chat system, the other key part of gWorld Social is the user, group and tracking timelines. These elements all come together to form a large and rewarding system which is split into 2 phases. The platform appears and functions slightly differently for those who haven't left for their journey yet and those who have.  pictured here is the group timeline for phase 1 travellers.

A clean user journey flow is always a must and helps demonstrate the scope of the project, these are the phase 1 screens and represent only about 20% of the entire UX project.


Phase 2 of gWorld Social is were the platform really comes to life, in this phase the travellers are on their journeys and actively updating their location and story to share with fellow travellers, as well their unique tracker timeline which they can share with their family back home, if they want to share a more tailored timeline of their adventures. 

The user map of phase 2 is the final piece of the gWorld social user experience and pieces together all the key aspects of the unique social platform.

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