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UX, UI & Branding


I lead the design for Try@Home's B2C cart product and B2B admin portal, managing the complexity and evolution of the project over time within an agile environment. 

I designed the complete store plugin, allowing customers to try before they buy, from initial mock-ups to final high-fidelity interactive prototypes and all the steps in between.

I Iterated design through user testing, split testing, and data analysis resulting in an intuitive and user-friendly product.


In addition to the Core B2C product I was also in charge of Try@Home's  B2B admin and portal UX/UI designs. One of the key aspects of the products reporting is the detailed and customized user Dashboard as pictured here.

I also redesigned Try@Home's logo and updated branding, iconography, and user interfaces for consistency and alignment.

Finally, I designed a feature-rich B2B administration portal for store owners to manage inventory, returns, onboarding, configuration, and more.

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